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Why do our Fish and Chips taste so good?

It may be because we use only the best quality fish,
we take great care preparing and storing it,
we use top quality, clean cooking fat
and we fry our fish fresh for each customer.
But we think it's because we always aim to serve

The Best Fish and Chips in the World.


Gluten Free Fish and Chips or Sausage and Chips are available to Take Away or to eat in our Restaurant

Since taking part in some of the first trials of Gluten Free Batter in Fish and Chip Shops we have now been serving those suffering from Coeliac Disease with Gluten Free Fish and Chips for over fifteen years.


From the start we were able to see the benefit of offering a specialist product to this group of customers and the number visiting us has grown substantially as word has spread. We were determined to ensure that the great taste and high quality of our products were in no way compromised and the many favourable responses we receive confirms this has been achieved. Our Gluten Free products, which now include sausages and fish, are fried in a pan which is NEVER used for any product containing Gluten and by using  separate serving utensils and separate storage we ensure there is no cross contamination.


We need around 25 minutes warning to ensure the pan is heated ready for use and the batter is prepared but as we are now serving Gluten Free fish and Chips most days it is often available at shorter notice. That said, we would advise customers to telephone 01692 403819 in advance to prevent any inconvenience.


If gluten intolerance has stopped you enjoying Fish and Chips please come and try ours. We guarantee you will not be disappointed.



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